This is what you can say to your inner critic

You know how you always think of what you SHOULD have said two days, two weeks, or two years later? ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, after almost thirty years wrestling with those unconscious haters in my head (yes, we all have them), I think I may have finally figured out what to say to them. Do you think this will work for you?



Artist referenced in this video: the magicalย Joni Steinmann, Rainbow Curve Corsetry

See her fairytale journey back to herself through her Foundations Revealed Competition entries >>>

2016 – “Gilded Wrought Iron”

2017 – “Dragonfly Dreams”

2018 – “Mantis v Alien”

Joni’s latest work, “Weald”, May 2018


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  1. This is lovely, Cathy, and so resonant for me having just renewed my FR membership and being a bit overwhelmed with all the new ways of doing things that even have me wrestling with whether or not I could be happy finishing in-progress works my usual way. I will keep this in mind tonight as I sew!


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